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Story of Happy Huskies

Happy Huskies is a small family business located right in the vicinity of Ivalo town center. We offer unique, personalized husky activities for small groups, families, and couples year-round. Since our husky farm is much smaller than traditional husky service providers (generally 50 to 200 dogs), my niche is specifically private visits as luxury experience in the middle of our calm forest scenery. With our husky adventures, you can experience the thrill of dog sledding, witness the beauty of Northern Lights, go hiking with a husky companion, or simply spend time getting to know our friendly pack. We prioritize the well-being of our huskies and clients, ensuring responsible and respectful experiences for all.

How it all began?
My love for dogs started at a young age when my family had a Swedish Elkhound named Milla, who was just two years younger than me. When I was 13 years old, it was time to say goodbye to my dear friend Milla, and our family decided to welcome a new puppy. Inspired by Disney’s ”Snow Dogs” movie, I had developed an interest in sled dogs a couple of years earlier, and now it was my turn to voice my opinion about getting a puppy. I found a litter of Siberian Huskies online, and in the summer of 2010, we traveled to Kemi to bring our new family member, ”Diva,” home.

With my own Siberian Husky Diva, I got to know local sled dog enthusiasts and had my first experience driving a sled. Soon, a single-dog team started feeling too small, and our pack grew with another Siberian Husky named ”Siiri.”

In 2015, Diva had a litter of five puppies, two of which stayed with my own pack (Cream & Crystal). In early winter 2016, I moved away from my childhood home for the first time when I got a job as a guide at a safari kennel in Ivalo.

After the winter, I returned to my childhood home to pursue my studies in physiotherapy. Once I graduated, I moved back to Ivalo with my dogs in the fall of 2020. At that point, my pack had grown to eight huskies, with several competitions under our belt, and I became increasingly interested in establishing my own small husky safari kennel.

I noticed that there was a missing piece here—a small-scale Husky company offering private experiences. The idea of starting my own safaris required acquiring a few new dogs, and during the winter, two Alaskan Huskies and one Siberian Husky joined our pack. 

My goal is to provide my customers with unforgettable dog-related adventures. It is especially important to me that all activities are conducted in a way that ensures the well-being and mental state of the dogs. At our company, you can experience the genuine bond between animals and humans and see firsthand that our huskies are loved and thriving.

Now, the sole proprietorship I established in 2020, Tmi Pauliina Mäki, also carries the name ”Happy Huskies”. To me, my dogs are family members, and I aim to provide personalized experiences for my customers, always prioritizing the well-being and needs of the dogs!

<3: Pauliina

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