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Private Husky Safari with luxury sauna & jacuzzi

Perfect choice for families and couples!

Experience the thrill of a private husky sled ride through the snowy wilderness, where you can take the reins and drive your own team of energetic huskies. Then, enjoy a moment surrounded by cheerful huskies in the dog play area. Afterward, indulge in a hot drink and sweet treats by the fire in our cozy hut.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! Immerse yourself in the Finnish tradition of relaxation with a refreshing sauna and jacuzzi experience. Let the warmth soothe your muscles and the steam envelop you as you unwind in our tranquil sauna and luxurious jacuzzi.

This comprehensive 4.5-hour excursion offers the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and authentic Finnish hospitality. Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones amidst the stunning Lapland scenery.

Guided & private self-drive husky sled ride
Husky playtime in the off-leash area
Hot drink and local delicacies in our warm hut
Luxury preheated Finnish sauna & jacuzzi
Towels, headgear for the jacuzzi and still water

You can request non-alcoholic beverages for the sauna separately!

Duration 4,5 hours
2 hours at husky kennel
2,5 hours private sauna & jacuzzi

1-2 persons 1100€
2-4 persons 1750€
4-6 persons 2400€

Sauna & jacuzzi available for booking even without a safari. Inquire for more details!

Call or Watsapp: +358 50 598 8488

What does ’private’ mean?
In a private husky activities, ”private” means that the tour or activity is exclusively for you or your group’s use. This means you will have your own guide and husky team dedicated solely to your party, without any other guests. In a private setting, the group’s preferences and needs are catered to more individually, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience without other guests present.

Transportation is also available, please inquire for more information.

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