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99800 IVALO, Lapland

Private All-inclusive Overnight Stay

Now you have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of huskies and experience the enchantment of Lapland in its most authentic form. We offer tailored, private two or three-day exclusive experiences at our husky kennel for small, 2-4 people group.

Husky Adventure Escape
Two-Day Experience

  • Thrilling Husky Safari through breathtaking landscapes
  • Snow Walk with huskies and campfire lunch
  • Hands-on dog care, guided by experienced professionals
  • Unwind in relaxing sauna and jacuzzi

Deluxe Husky Escape
Three-Day Experience

  • Extended Husky Safari on a scenic, longer route
  • Magical Snow Walk with huskies and a cozy campfire lunch
  • Gourmet campfire dinner prepared by a private chef
  • Intimate hands-on dog care sessions with expert guidance
  • Complete relaxation in our sauna and jacuzzi
  • Aurora Borealis hunting for a mesmerizing night under the stars


Stay comfortably with the warm and welcoming hosts of Happy Huskies Kennel. Enjoy a cozy house shared with the owners, featuring two separate rooms upstairs, and a shared toilet, bathroom, and kitchen downstairs. Feel right at home while being part of our husky family.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure! Experience the magic of Lapland with the companionship of our friendly huskies and the serenity of nature. Book your dream escape now!

Contact us to book and inquire further pauliina@happyhuskies.fi

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