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Private Kennel Visit

Me and my huskies welcome you to get to know our life during a Kennel Visit! 

Experience our daily life and hear our stories
Learn about each dog’s unique personality
Interact with the dogs in their off-leash running area
Take pictures of and pet the dogs during your visit

Duration 30-60 minutes

Price 40€ / person
Kids under 6 years 20€

What does ’private’ mean?
In a private husky activities, ”private” means that the tour or activity is exclusively for you or your group’s use. This means you will have your own guide and husky team dedicated solely to your party, without any other guests. In a private setting, the group’s preferences and needs are catered to more individually, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience without other guests present.

Please, book before visiting!
Call or WhatsApp: +358 50 598 88488

Transportation is also available, please inquire for more information.

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