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What does ’private’ mean?
In a private husky activities, ”private” means that the tour or activity is exclusively for you or your group’s use. This means you will have your own guide and husky team dedicated solely to your party, without any other guests. In a private setting, the group’s preferences and needs are catered to more individually, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience without other guests present.

Happy Huskies is a small family business located right in the vicinity of Ivalo town center. We offer unique, personalized husky activities for small groups, families, and couples year-round. Since our husky farm is much smaller than traditional husky service providers (generally 50 to 200 dogs), my niche is specifically private visits as luxury experience in the middle of our calm forest scenery. With our husky adventures, you can experience the thrill of dog sledding, witness the beauty of Northern Lights, go hiking with a husky companion, or simply spend time getting to know our friendly pack. We prioritize the well-being of our huskies and clients, ensuring responsible and respectful experiences for all.

Our pack consists of 12 Siberian Huskies and 3 Alaskan Huskies, each beloved members of our family. You can get to know our dogs on the HUSKIES page.

…the sound of flowing water, pastel hues drawn by frost, and gentle huskies welcome you to experience unforgettable moments at Happy Huskies kennel!

  • star ratingAmazing time with beautiful Huskies - My parents and I visited Pauliina and her beautiful Huskies and we had an amazing time.
    Pauliina is a really friendly and nice woman. She showed us her dogs and... read more

    avatar thumb Fruake
  • star ratingAmazing experience - Amazing experience, wonderful nature, Husky slay ride in the colorful sunset Paulina is very open and positive. We definitely enjoyed.

    avatar thumb r_digers180
  • star ratingWe’ve had the best day with Pauliina and her husky’s. Pauliina welcomed us with a big smile and was very friendly. You can tell she truly loves her dogs and... read more

    avatar thumb Karolina B

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